Human trafficking awareness training is one of the most effective ways that individuals, organizations, schools, and businesses can help fight human trafficking.

TraffickWatch – our human trafficking training and awareness program is award-winning and contains highly engaging content that allows users to explore three paths: learn the facts, discover real stories, and make an impact. The program is offered for free online and takes around 10-15 minutes to completely experience the content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TraffickWatch is an initiative of the nonprofit The Exodus Road. TraffickWatch is primarily an awareness and training program in the fight against human trafficking.

Currently, TraffickWatch contains two main programs:

  • TraffickWatch Experience: a free online experience ( with complementary digital resources (launched in January 2020).
  • TraffickWatch Training: an in-person training program for local community leaders in Colorado.

Our primary sources for the information shared can be found at Global Slavery Index, the U.S. Trafficking In Persons ReportPolaris, and the International Labor Organization. The video resources are produced by The Exodus Road itself.

The Exodus Road (TER) is a nonprofit strategically fighting human trafficking. TER primarily focuses on supporting human trafficking intervention by providing investigative work, technology, and resources to local authorities so that human trafficking survivors can be rescued and traffickers arrested. TER works in the United States as well as multiple countries around the world. Holistically fighting trafficking, TER also supports both training and after care projects. Read more about our work here.

TraffickWatch exists to raise awareness and equip leaders to understand human trafficking in their own communities. Phase One of this initiative is an online experience that allows users to explore three paths: educating users about about the issue, engaging with the stories of survivors, and exploring ways to take action. The program will be offered for free online, and will take 10-15 minutes to experience all the content. The second phase of TraffickWatch, launching in Fall of 2020, will include in-person trainings for leaders and community groups in the state of Colorado, the state in which the TER headquarters office is located. Potential trainings could include the following: youth development professionals, administrators or educators, health care professionals, advocacy groups, or law enforcement agencies.

Awareness training and programming is a form of human trafficking prevention. Research indicates that human trafficking awareness training can be a highly effective way for individuals, organizations, schools, and businesses can help fight human trafficking. Though human trafficking is a significant social justice issue of our world, many people do not understand it or cannot recognize the signs of it. When leaders and concerned citizens are equipped with the knowledge of how to recognize and prevent this abuse in their local communities, a significant impact on freedom is possible.

The issue of human trafficking is highly complex, and we know that the information and stories represented in our training and in our digital experience can in no way paint the full complexity of the issue globally. Our intent here was to provide an easily shareable platform where people could begin to understand, increase compassion for those involved, and stir advocacy on behalf of survivors. We urge those interested to spend time doing their own research to increase their own knowledge. We suggest starting with the Global Slavery Index, which contains a wealth of research, mapping, and statistics.

We are always open to feedback! If you have a question or comment about TraffickWatch, feel free to email: [email protected] . We will try to respond as quickly as possible.

If you are a leader in a school, community group, corporation, or social services field, and would like to bring TraffickWatch Training to your team, send an email to [email protected] and we will be in touch. Currently, we are only able to offer TraffickWatch Training to those located in Colorado and meeting certain requirements. As we develop the program, digital training sessions may be available to those located outside of the state of Colorado.

The funds raised on the TraffickWatch website will help to ensure that the TraffickWatch Experience can continue as a free resource for the public. They will also be sued to develop the training resources which complement the training program as it develops. Additionally, funds will be used to fuel the intervention work of The Exodus Road. Monthly gifts will become part of our Search + Rescue program which directly funds the front line work of our investigative teams. Any gift is tax-deductible and would be greatly appreciated. You can make a donation at the end of the TraffickWatch website itself on the Take Action page. You may also may a direct donation here. All funds are managed by The Exodus Road, and you are welcome to view our financial information here.

In January 2020, the TraffickWatch website was awarded the coveted CSSDesignAwards Site of the Day. This award "honors and recognizes freelance designers, studios, and agencies for excellence in web design and development." We are so grateful to Coulee Creative for designing our TraffickWatch site, and for helping make the difficult issue of human trafficking understood through their impactful design.

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