Thousands are joining together to stop child trafficking. This season, you can send rescue to sons and daughters around our world.

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Traffickers use their money to exploit kids. We’ll use our money, voices, and influence to rescue them.

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For Sophie, foster care meant change. New “families,” new schools, new rules. Loneliness was the norm. 

She met Nick when she was fifteen. He said Sophie was beautiful and bought her nice things. He said she should run away with him. He said he loved her.

Their life together wasn’t what she had imagined. Nick sold her for tricks, and numbed her with drugs. She was trapped.

Juliana responded to an ad online for a call center job. She was just sixteen but she knew she could learn quickly. She used her small savings to buy a one-way bus ticket for the long journey to the city.

But the ad was a ruse. She was lured, tricked, held against her will. Juliana was forced to live stream her abuse for several hours out of every day with other teen girls. 

Months passed, and Juliana despaired. 

Prem lived with the other boys on the streets by the train station. His parents passed away when he was seven, and he had no one. He was only twelve.

One day, a local gang descended on Prem and his friends. The gang forced them to steal and sell drugs. And at night, the gang sold them to tourists, foreign men who came looking for “fresh” ones.

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