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“Far more women and girls are shipped into brothels each year in the early twenty-first century than African slaves were shipped into slave nations each year in the eighteenth or nineteenth centuries.” - Half the Sky, anthropologists Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

The Exodus Road coalition believes in equipping the community of investigators, NGO’s, local governments, and civilians within a region to recognize and act against the abuse of children as effectively as possible.

Working chiefly with our coalition partners, The Exodus Road desires to provide avenues where investigators can get cutting- edge training on investigative techniques and covert equipment. Working with organizations like Nvader, we have a goal of helping all individuals and organizations actively participating in rescue succeed, be safe, and work effectively.

Not only do we desire those in our network to have access to sufficient investigative training should they need it, but we also are working towards a greater sense of unity and cooperation from those in the coalition. By sharing resources and information, the fight against sexual slavery becomes exponenially more efficient.  We hope to host small conferences which promote this sense of continuity within the NGO community.

In addition to providing access to training and hosting events, The Exodus Road will work to make available additional grant funding for any member of its network in an effort to empower more targeted interventions.

Ultimately, the goal of The Exodus Road coalition in Asia is not the promotion of a single organization or individual, but rather it is based on the belief that when we all work together for the rescue of victims, we all succeed. 

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“I have a dream that small teams of men and women from all walks of life will use their combined skills and resources to invade the darkest brothels on earth, documenting every abuse and acting on every complaint, persevering until someone, somewhere, intervenes.” – Daniel Walker, author God in a Brothel