Search and Rescue

The Exodus Road Search and Rescue Initiative

People often ask us, “So how do I help? What do I do now?”

We typically answer simply, “Rescue a child with us.”

And then we tell them about our Search and Rescue Program.

You may not be able to physically go and rescue children trapped in brothels, but you can send investigators to break down doors on your behalf. You can hire a mercenary of hope to look for victims of sexual slavery, to gather tips for police partners, and to begin collecting key evidence for rescue.

By joining the Search and Rescue program, you will actually be joining a real-life investigative team in the field. You become the Basecamp that sends trained investigators to the front lines.

Search and Rescue - How it works

Search and Rescue Promo from The Exodus Road on Vimeo.

Here’s how it works:

1. Look through the field team descriptions below, and choose the team you’d like to empower and join. Each team has been given a code name but represents an actual field team in The Exodus Road Coalition. (If you don’t have a preference, we can choose a team for you.)

2. By joining the team, you’ll be committing to a $35/month donation. $35 is what we’ve found the average night of local investigations costs our men in the field. A portion of your monthly gift goes to other field-related expenses which keep investigators active. (See our FAQ page for more explanations.)

3. Sign up for the program by following this link: DONATE. Be sure to mark your $35 gift recurring monthly in the “payment frequency” box and select both the team you’d like to join and how you heard about us from the drop down menu. 

4. Welcome to the Search and Rescue Team! You’ll be getting a welcome packet in the mail from us with information about your team, a bumper sticker with “Rescue is Coming,” and some other small gifts and information from The Exodus Road. You’ll also receive regular updates from your field team about their efforts and will be given specific ways to connect with them via letters or special projects. (Be kind. We’re in development, and your welcome packet make take a few weeks to actually reach your doorstep.)

Most importantly, you’ll know that while you may not be able to physically go yourself into a brothel on behalf of a victim of sexual slavery, you’ll be sending a trained investigator who can. And will. 

The Search and Rescue Teams

Search and Rescue Team Badge - Alpha Team Yellow

Alpha Team in SE Asia consists of government and non government partners in an undisclosed country in SouthEast Asia. With strong relationships within the local government and the capital city, Alpha Team works to help train local police to fight trafficking in their own country. With two Westerners, five Europeans, and six nationals, Alpha Team focuses on larger networks of slavery, including mafia rings and systems of trafficking that span several countries. Because of this, their cases are often larger in scope but take longer periods of time to conduct. 

Search and Rescue Team Badge Bravo Team

Bravo Team in India is composed of various national partners who work in investigations and rescue from sex slavery. While most trafficking in India is inter-state, these teams work to gather evidence through their covert cameras and then work closely with police to conduct fairly immediate raids. We also are developing a deployment model in India, where we send trained investigators to assist partners in their investigative efforts.

Search and Rescue Badge - Charlie Team

Charlie Team is staying home. Recognizing that an estimated 14,500 new trafficking victims come into the United States every year, Charlie Team will be developing efforts to roll out local level one surveillance missions. Currently in very early stages of development, Charlie Team will utilize government and police partnerships to gather tips of possible trafficking scenarios to pass to local authorities. Investigators will likely be ex-military or police and will be highly vetted. Charlie Team will hopefully begin local, ground-level investigations in the late fall of 2015. They are currently investing in field research and networking relationships. 

Search and Rescue Team Badge - Delta Team

Delta Team in SE Asia operates in a region well-known for it’s rampant sex industry. DELTA team currently is comprised of police partners, a nationally-led NGO, and volunteers who will be serving on a rotation basis. This group is currently focused on helping the local SE Asian government with active cases involving Western pedophiles and minors or trafficked victims working in one of the worst red-light districts in the world. In 2015, DELTA efforts will also expand to include labor trafficking investigations.

Search and Rescue Initiative

Join the Rescue Team

It takes an average of $35 dollars a night to send an investigator into a brothel, looking for children and victims of slavery. Funding the search enables the rescue. Become a valuable part of a real Search and Rescue team today. Please see our Search and Rescue FAQ page for disclaimers and more details on giving.

Are you in?

Joining is easy. Choose your team and complete the donation form here. Remember to mark on the online form.

  • That your gift is recurring for $35/monthly in the “payment frequency” box.
  • “Search and Rescue- {Your Team Name}” in the comment form. (If you don’t have a preference, leave it blank, and we’ll choose a team for you.)


More questions? Visit our Search and Rescue FAQ page.

 ”Justice is in the hands of the ordinary,

and the world needs ordinary people to bring it.”

- Matt Parker, Founder, The Exodus Road  


* All funding in the Search and Rescue program is designated as operational funding for field teams. While we attempt to honor donor designation, The Exodus Road reserves the right to place funding to the team that is most in need. A portion of all donations to the program also helps cover contract salaries for investigators.