After care

Quality holistic aftercare is an essential component of fighting human trafficking and sexual slavery. Without aftercare facilities in place, victims will oftentimes suffer great abuse even after rescue from a brothel.

Consider this story from Daniel Walker, author of God in a Brothel:

“At the age of eleven or twelve Maria had been casually raped and discarded by a group of men in her local neighborhood in one o th many squalid barriors of Honduras. Maria became pregnant as a result and after she had her baby she was, like any mother, desperate to find a way to support her child. Sold to the brothel by a group of traffickers (“Coyotes”) who had ensnared her at the border, Maria was told she now had to pay off her purchase price or debt before she could be free. She tried to run away and had been taken across the border by local authorities only too eager to deport the many illegal immigrants She was then picked up by the very same coyotes who had profited from her once before. Now, with twice the debt to repay and the gang rapes and beating still fresh in her memory, Maria knew better than to try to escape again.” 

- Daniel Walker, Nvader, God in a Brothel, abbreviated

Unless quality after care measures are in place for victims after a raid/rescue takes place, efforts to offer hope greatly decrease since victims are often placed in similar or even worse situations.

We at The Exodus Road are building a coalition of after care facilities with strong connections to each other and to our investigative teams. While ultimately the final decision of placement for victims rests in the hands of local governments, we work hard to place rescued victims into facilities within our network.

All approved after care facilities offer holistic care for victims–  including counseling, emotional rehabilitation, and reintegration support. They all maintain a firm child protection policy and operate legally within their countries of operation.

The Exodus Road channels a portion of funding to after care facilities in our network, and we will be using our resources to fundraise on their behalf, as well.