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The issue of human trafficking is overwhelming, and, unfortunately, the process of fighting it is equally as daunting. Oftentimes, the complexity of the problem causes the average person to throw up hands and ignore the 4.5 million women and children being forced into sexual slavery today. We have found that this is not an option.

And while there are many excellent organizations that fight this injustice through prevention and after-care, our main focus at The Exodus Road is in facilitating interventions on the ground. In essence, we help more brothel doors be broken down by providing the necessary tools the local investigative teams need to find and rescue victims. If you would like to become a modern day abolitionist, consider becoming involved in any of the following areas with The Exodus Road:


Operations. One investigator typically spends between $50 USD to $200 USD in a night of upper-level undercover work. Depending on the situation, the expenses can be much higher. There are also travel expenses within the country and transportation costs for investigators. In order for investigations to continue, The Exodus Road needs funding for its operations. All funds are tax-deductible and are payable through our stateside accounting firm.

For $35/monthly, you can also join our Sponsor an Investigator program. This monthly gift fuels one night of local, ground level surveillance and serves as the initial tip-gathering phase crucial for determining the location of victims. By monthly sponsorship of surveillance, you will receive unique updates from the field and will essentially be “hiring” a trained undercover investigator to actively search for sexually exploited women and children in some of the darkest of places.

Missions. In addition to giving a monthly gift {which you can do here}, you can also fund personally or get a group together to fund a specific investigative mission. Each mission has an estimated cost of $1400, which includes travel, lodging and operational expenses for 2-4 investigators. Each mission will be given a name, and while the details will be changed to protect the people and the success of the mission itself, you will get updates about the results of your funded operation– the victims that were possibly found, true stories from the field, updates on raids, and even links to news articles from the local press {after the mission is accomplished}. It’s perhaps one of the most exciting ways to watch your donations {hopefully} empower real rescue. And while we can’t promise your mission will result in a raid and rescue, we can promise that your funds will empower more targeted investigations. Choose your mission today.

Equipment. Another major need is in the purchase and maintenance of high-quality surveillance equipment. {Don’t believe us? Read this story of what happens when equipment fails or read here about how cameras are needed by local police.} The Exodus Road would like to build a “supply closet” of professional equipment that can be used by any investigator or NGO in the network and which is maintained by our Director of Operations in SouthEast Asia. Covert cameras and other tactical equipment are a necessary component to capturing solid evidence for prosecutions, but, unfortunately, equipment is an expensive asset that many organizations do not have the funding to purchase. Consider buying a covert camera or other piece of surveillance equipment, and you’ll receive personal updates on the ways your investment is being used in the field by our team of investigators.

Partnerships. A major role The Exodus Role plays in SouthEast Asia is in connecting funding from the West with effective anti-trafficking organizations on the ground. By providing financial, equipment, and personnel aid, we want to support and empower other NGO’s, particularly locally-run organizations, to do the gritty work of intervention. Our hope in the future is to host conferences for those in the network to provide them with necessary training or an opportunity to share information.

AfterCare. We also have special partnerships with quality, vetted aftercare facilities in our network on the ground. While we do not directly “do” aftercare, we do give a portion of all donated funds to grant to aftercare facilities in our network.

Contract Salaries. We understand that the nationals within a country will ultimately be the most effective at fighting sexual slavery, and we want to be a champion of their efforts. We are currently in the process of raising funds for the salaries of full-time national investigators. If you’d like to help fund a national investigator, consider donating a monthly gift to The Exodus Road. Costs per investigator varies based on individual experience or country.


Investigators. We are looking for adult men who are willing to help gather undercover intelligence of the exploitation of men, women, and children. Our work is primarily involved in the initial level of tip-gathering from sex-industry establishments. All volunteers, whether short-term (1-2 weeks) or longer term, will be heavily interviewed and trained before  engaging in any undercover work with our partners on the ground. Police or military background is greatly preferred.

If you are currently working in the investigative arena of sex trafficking, you may be eligible to become a part of our network, thereby enabling you to request funding for specific projects or operations. If you are interested, email and introduce yourself.  We’d love to help.

We also have a growing list of volunteer staffing needs. Currently, we are based out of Colorado, USA. If you are interested, email today.


As a young organization, we have a host of staffing needs including help in the following areas:  web development, social media development, filmmaking, marketing, fundraising, administration, grant writing, investigators, accounting, and community co-ordinators. If you would like to volunteer your time or skill, please email us: In addition to specific skills we are looking for, we also have a few broader volunteers teams you may want to consider joining:

Blog for Rescue. At The Exodus Road, we have an ever-growing team of volunteer bloggers who are committed to sharing stories from the field once monthly in their individual online spheres of influence. These bloggers get an insider’s look into the world of undercover investigations, the mechanisms of global trafficking, and accounts of rescue and recovery, and they are actively fighting slavery by refusing to let others forget about it. If you are interested and have a blog yourself, consider applying to become an Exodus Road blogger today.

Church Ambassador. If you have a strong connection to a faith community and are interested in representing The Exodus Road and the injustices of modern day slavery to your church, consider becoming a Church Ambassador. These individuals lead events (both fundraising and awareness) and promote the plight of the oppressed to those in their faith community. If you have a passion to fight trafficking and might be willing to spear head this effort in your church, consider emailing Debbie, our Director of Church Mobilization at:

Promoting Awareness

Spread the Word. A major service you can give to our organization is in committing to promote it. Using social media and your own personal networks, you can share with others the stories and needs here in SouthEast Asia. Do not underestimate the power of sharing. You can find some practical ideas about social investment here.

Educate Yourself. Spend time with some of the excellent anti-trafficking organizations we have highlighted throughout our blog or around the web, read the book God in a Brothel which chronicles the realities of undercover investigations, or watch a film depicting the issue of sexual slavery. There are many exciting, effective organizations all around the world, and educating yourself about both the issue of human trafficking, as well as the some of the people fighting it, is something anyone can do. You can read some facts about human trafficking itself here or can check out some more information about SE Asia here.