One of the chief ways we can empower rescue is by providing funding for the teams on the ground in SE Asia. The team primarily needs:

  • Professional covert equipment
  • Contract salaries for national investigators
  • Funds to run an office in SE Asia for coalition members
  • Funds to do investigations, including travel/lodging/food/operations for investigators
  • Grants for certain projects
  • Grants to after-care facilities in our network
  • Funds to support the stateside staff, marketing, and operations

If you are passionate about helping our team in the field through fundraising, we have a host of opportunities and tools to empower your efforts. We can provide you with online platforms, specific campaign goals, social media help, and printed materials. We’ll try to make fundraising as simple as possible.

If ¬†you’d like to learn more or would like a list of current projects we need funding for, please contact Laura at: