Why Join Exodus Road Coalition

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The Exodus Road is a registered 501c3 nonprofit which helps run a coalition of both individuals and organizations which work together to fight human trafficking. We can primarily be characterized by the following:

  • Working in SE Asia, India, and the United States
  • Directly Involved and Support: Targeted interventions (undercover investigations, raids, prosecutions)
  • Support: Holistic after-care (victim-centered raid and post-raid care, facilities with trauma counseling, rehabilitation, job training, reintegration, etc.)
  • Nationally-run or smaller organizations

What Do Members Get?

We want to empower those currently on the ground to make their rescue efforts more efficient, more successful and more often. As we connect resources and funding from the West with counter-trafficking work in the field, we can provide a host of benefits to members which can include:

  • Use or provision of professional covert surveillance equipment
  • Operational funding for investigations
  • Training for investigators by professionals in the field
  • Operative care, such as debriefing and counseling, if desired
  • Grant funding for investigative cases or projects
  • Grant funding for quality after-care for victims
  • Relationships with local authorities in certain cities in SE Asia
  • Contract salaries for national investigators
  • Marketing resources, including blog and social media campaigns
  • Access to a network of individuals, organizations, and resources specific to intervention and after-care
  • Organizational development assistance for nationally-run organizations

Essentially, we want to fundraise on your behalf and give your organization in the field whatever it needs needs to be even more successful than you already are.

Who Qualifies?

Individuals or organizations on the ground in SE Asia who are directly working in targeted intervention or after-care efforts are free to apply to join The Exodus Road coalition. Upon receiving the application, The Exodus Road will contact applicants and the interview process will begin. Organizations will be asked to show accountable and quality efforts in the field. The size of an organization does not matter, but responsible work in the humanitarian community does.

All membership is completely anonymous to the public, unless member organization gives express permission for the purpose of awareness/fundraising. The application process is fairly simple.

What Do Members Have to Do?

If you are accepted as a member of The Exodus Road coalition, we only require three things:

  • That members have attitudes open to networking and supporting other organizations in the network (The idea is that with collaboration, we achieve more.)
  • That members allow us to advocate for them– whether in online, print or spoken communications. (Membership is completely anonymous, but with permission, we will talk generically about your group or your work. All media concerning your organization will be submitted to you for approval before printed or shared. If you want us to fundraise for a certain project, you may want us to promote more specifics about it, as well. )
  • That members give us an accounting for funds or resources donated to them by The Exodus Road

*If investigators are working cases completely funded by The Exodus Road, operatives must agree to follow our policy handbook of best practices for investigations.

So, Why Wouldn’t I Join?

We know, why wouldn’t you?

Essentially, you are joining a team of organizations in your field that are committed to the same fight you are and who are committed to helping each other succeed when possible. You are allowing a team of advocates from the United States to raise funds and resources and awareness on your behalf.

For free.


If you are already engaged in this effort, we’d love to have you on the team. Again, joining the network is anonymous to the online public.

If you’d like to apply, you can go here to fill out the brief online application to get the process started. Then, you are welcome to apply for grant funding or equipment funding, as well.

If you have questions, please email: PARTNERS@theExodusRoad.com.