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10 responses to Contact

  1. My family and I are headed to Thailand from Aug. to Dec. on a mission trip. Our focus is anti-trafficking and was wondering if there are any ministries you partner with that we could help while there?


  2. Hey Matt and Laura,
    This Natalie Spear, Paul Mitchell The School-Colorado Springs is coming together to get others to sign a petition to fight against human trafficking in America. You can go to to check out the petition and then you can text with your full name and zip code to sign! Thank you for all you do and I am so happy that we are able to be apart of the fight!

  3. Hi,
    I in the last couple of months became aware of your organization. It is much needed in this broken world. In researching organization to give to I would like to ask what percentage of donation is used for administrative cost and actually given to investigators?

  4. Team Delta – the Doc October 13, 2013 at 7:19 pm

    Hello Angela,
    I want you to know that I am involved in Team Delta, I am not sure of admin costs and how much comes directly to the team, but I do know our and other teams are supported and it is recognised especially by the very important administration and management team of The Exodus Road. Without them we would not be as safe or conducting as many investigations as we do now. We support The Exodus Road and it’s staff completely. Their heart and energy is totally focused on the goal and the costs to have them are respected by each of us in Team Delta. Any donation has a massive humbling impact on how we operate and we are grateful for the direct support from the public and the super support we get from Exodus Road Team including everything administration. So your donation whether some, most or all of it is directed to the administration and management team will eventually and directly impact us in the team and elevates us to operate more effectively. We thank every one of the supporters so much for the overwhelming love and support whether it be by email, money, prayer, or thoughts, you are as much a part of our team as my buddies next to me in the dark dangerous places when we hold the hand of a child leading them to safety.

  5. THanks so much, Doc, and Angela for your question. To answer you, Angela, you can check out our recent financial report:

    We have 13% going towards administrative costs right now. The average nonprofit sits at 20% admin.

    We are beyond grateful for the work and bravery of field teams, like Doc and Delta– you gentlemen inspire us all here at the home office! — laura parker

  6. Hi,
    I think that what y’all are attempting to do for enslaved people is great. I tend to be leery of organizations whose goal is specifically working from the supply side of the issue, simply because there is an unending supply of people to pull from and replace the one or 50 people you just rescued. Don’t get me wrong…it’s wonderful for the girl who is rescued, but what about the one trafficked to take her place? So my question is…what are you doing in conjunction with your rescue efforts to fight on the demand side: passing legislation, etc. to eradicate slavery?
    Thanks again for what y’all are doing!

  7. Thanks, Heidi, for your question. We always work with local police to help encourage arrests and legal prosecutions. Currently, we do not channel much of our funding towards the passing of legislation because frankly there are laws that are fairly decent in the countries we work in . . . for us we have found that building solid case evidence to get good prosecutions is key. That is where our focus lies. Thanks for your question!

  8. I am friends with a faith missionary, a native Nigerian who fights child traffic and slavery and abuse in his country. the present worldwide financial crisis has shrunk his support. He is under eviction; needs $450 equivalent in Nigerian to keep his home by Jan. 4. I am sending $50 from my pension. Can you all help? He is on FB at under the name Chris A. Alfred. He has emailed me concerning much of the work he is doing to change laws to protect children there. Thank you.

  9. You can find me on FB and send a PM to contact me.

  10. My husband and I live in Jakarta, and have been in Indo for about a year. We live down the street from what we believe to be a brothel, and are looking for ways to love and serve these women. Do you have any resources, suggestions, tips, support? We were hoping to set up a business or micro-entreprise for women wanting to get out of the work, but have yet to understand how everything works culturally.