Coalition Partners

Currently, we have 15 organizations that we work to empower, along with a team of Exodus Road investigators. All are located in SE Asia and include several after-care facilities. We do support both nationally-run and Western NGOs, as well as governmental organizations. The individuals and organizations in the network are not faith-based, and our team represents individuals from SE Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

Because of security reasons, we are generally not able to publicize our list of investigative teams or organizations.

The Exodus Road desires to empower others to succeed in both rescue and restorative efforts on behalf of the oppressed. We want to bring funding and support to those on the ground already doing the hard work of intervention and after care. If you’d like to read more about the experience of our team, collectively, you can read here┬áto understand more about the statistics listed on our site.

If you are actively working in intervention or after care efforts, especially in Asia, consider joining the network today. We’d love to support and fundraise on your behalf. All membership is completely anonymous, unless your organization desires otherwise. Read here to find out more.