Blog to Fight Trafficking (and Travel on Our Dime)

Laura Parker —  November 22, 2012

“Hey, you, don’t tell me there’s no hope at all. United we stand, divided we fall.”
- Pink Floyd

Bloggers – want to travel with us? More voices equals greater change so we are opening our communications team to accept applications to become an Exodus Road Blogger.

We’re building a team of quality writers with a passion for social justice and a desire to spark social change. Our bloggers will have the privilege of telling powerful stories — stories of vulnerable victims and the brave investigators fighting for their freedom. Our bloggers will get the inside scoop on tales of rescue, and they’ll be consistently informed of the problem of modern day slavery and the ways every person can have a hand in stopping it.  Exodus Road bloggers will become advocates for rescue within their own online spheres of influence, and they will be given the tools they need to effectively communicate.

We will also be hosting overseas trips beginning in 2013, where our most engaged writers will have the opportunity to see the work of intervention and the problems of human trafficking first-hand. These men and women will get to live-tweet from red-light districts, meet undercover investigators, learn about trafficking from those in the trenches fighting it, and will tell the stories of girls like Sarah, rescued from a brothel at the age of 15.

Imagine the impact that could be made if a team of diverse and passionate writers commit to raise awareness of modern day slavery by harnessing their collective social influence. Imagine the rescues that could be empowered through the telling of their stories by not one, but hundreds of voices.


Interested? If accepted, Exodus Road bloggers will commit to write one post per month about the issues of human trafficking and modern day slavery. Bloggers will be provided with insider stories, links, videos and details monthly which they can choose to share with their audiences. They will also get valuable tips on how to effectively communicate on behalf of a social justice issue or nonprofit organization. Exodus Road Bloggers will also have the opportunity to participate in special online and real-life events, including expense-paid and contest-driven blogger trips to SE Asia.

If you are passionate about stopping modern day slavery and if you are an avid blogger, please consider applying today.  We’d love, and need, more voices on our team.

The (Brief) Exodus Road Blogger Application is HERE

Not a blogger yourself? No problem. Consider forwarding this post to a blogger who may be interested. More voices = more change.

Laura Parker


18 responses to Blog to Fight Trafficking (and Travel on Our Dime)

  1. This looks amazing. I wanna be in.

  2. Thanks, ‘Dami. Look for an email soon.

  3. Couldn’t do this without you, Josh.

  4. So thankful to find your site! Just last Saturday I got to hang out with 30 teenage girls who had just been rescued out of human trafficking from El Salvador area. Needless to say, it changed my life. I’d love more opportunities to get involved.

  5. Thanks for reaching out, Alene. Look for some info in your inbox soon.

  6. What a great idea.  I have been watching your organization from the beginning of this blog, and I am so excited to see where God takes it!

  7. Thanks! Love to have you join the team.

  8. Wow. I may have found purpose. Amazing work.

  9. Yes! Yes! Yes! My heart is beating fast, I want in!

  10. Looking forward to reviewing your application, Steph.

  11. I am so excited about this I can hardly stand it!

  12. I just tweeted you guys saying I wanted to feature you on my blog. I am so glad I saw this!!! My heart aches thinking of all the atrocities occurring to women and children around the world! I am delighted to learn of organizations like this. Thanks for all you do.

  13. I was recently added to the blogging team but lost my link to the blogging info page, also when I try to send an e-mail to Misty my e-mail gets returned as undeliverable. Can someone provide me with the info I need?

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