1014021_10151516385417256_195983875_nThe Exodus Road’s main and most valuable members are the brave men and women in the field in both SE Asia and India who are investigating sexual slavery, who are supporting the legal community to prosecute traffickers, and who are helping to rehabilitate rescued victims. Unfortunately, for security reasons, we are oftentimes unable to reveal their names or their faces.

We currently have 56  investigators working in an official capacity with The Exodus Road, and we are in partnership with five after-care facilities. We work with more than 25 organizations, both governmental and nongovernmental, and it’s important to note that our coalition is not specific to any religious or political affiliations.

We do have two Directors of Operations on the ground in SE Asia and India who manage our financials, equipment, operative care, and investigative cases.

Our stateside office includes:

Matt Parker- Founder & CEO

Laura Parker- Senior Vice President, Communications

Kevin Campbell- Vice President, Operations

Tammy Dykstra- Manager, Finance

Jeff Flacker- Manager, Volunteer Relations

Heather Kriegshauser- Manager, Search and Rescue / Database Management

Caitlin Thompson- Manager, Graphic Branding and Design

Andrew Leigh- Manager, Artist Relations

Allison Weber- Regional Advancement Officer

Kelley Leigh- Content Manager/Editor

(Some of the above staff are serving on a contractual or volunteer basis.)


Volunteer Staff

Steve Leigh  |  Business Consultation

Amy Garcia  |  Social Media Content and Development

Emily Anderson  |  Spring 2013 Intern


SE Asia

Buddy Rathmell, Country Director 



Board Members (pictured above)

Cliff Clarkson, Woodland Park, CO

Dan Galvononi, Phoenix, AZ

Nate Griffin, Atlanta, GA

Steve Leigh, Woodland Park, CO

Laura Parker, Woodland Park, CO

Matt Parker, Woodland Park, CO

Matt Stowell, Wheaton, IL 


If you’re interested in working for us, check out our Careers Page.

If you’d like to join our volunteer team, visit our Volunteer Center.