In addition to supporting the anti-trafficking efforts of individuals (including investigators) from other organizations, The Exodus Road’s staff and board are as follows:


Some of ER's Field Staff: Amm Chutima, Juli Juabsami, Matt Parker, Pick Chelsea

Some of ER’s Field Staff: Amm Chutima, Juli Juabsami, Matt Parker, Pick Chelsea

SE Asia:

Matt Parker: Founder & CEO

Laura ParkerSenior Vice President, Communications and Fundraising

Amm Chutima: Assistant Country Director, Thailand

Juli Juabsami: Strategic Alliance Manager

Pick Chelsea: Office Manager

Buddy Rathmell: Partnership Consultant, Former Country Director 

Sean Abbott: Prevention Project Liaison 

ER Office

Colorado Springs Office

Colorado, USA:

Kevin CampbellVice President, Operations, Global and Domestic

Kate Maddux:  Manager, Finance

Jeff Flacker: Manager, Volunteer Relations

Stephanie Trevino: Database Maintenance 

Angie Washington: Manager, Communications (Social Media, Blogging Community)

Caitlin Thompson: Manager, Graphic Branding and Design

Kelley LeighCommunications and Marketing Consultant

Casey Watson: Staff Writer 

(Some of the above staff are serving on a contractual or volunteer basis.)



U.S. Board Members

Cliff Clarkson, Woodland Park, CO

Dan Galvononi, Phoenix, AZ

Nate Griffin, Atlanta, GA

Steve Leigh, Woodland Park, CO

Laura Parker, SE Asia

Matt Parker, SE Asia

Matt Stowell, Wheaton, IL 


Thailand Board Members (Freedom Foundation)

Joel Karum, Thailand

Thanakorn Viwatronakit (Joe), Thailand

Matt Parker, Thailand


The Exodus Road is a registered 501c3 in good standing in the United States, with our main headquarters in Colorado Springs. We also have a legal charitable foundation in Thailand, allowing us to operate legally within the country. In Thailand, we have three field offices in three key cities and most of our overseas organizational infrastructure remains here. While we do not have an established Exodus Road field office in India, we currently fuel projects with partners there and are considering launching full-time national staff and office in the next two years. Additionally, our work is driven forward by partnering organizations (and investigators) whom we support through operational and gear grants, funding, support, and training, along with teams of volunteers and advocates around the world.


If you’re interested in employment with The Exodus Road, check out our Careers Page. If you’d like to join our volunteer team, visit our Volunteer Center.