Who We Are.

The Exodus Road is a 501c3 organization which exists to empower the deliverance of sex slaves. Operating primarily in Southeast Asia, India, and the United States of America, we find teams already on the ground doing the vital work of finding and freeing victims with local police and we fuel their work by providing covert gear, operational funding, training, and networking support.

We are bringing people together for the sake of the modern day slave, and we are audacious in our pursuit of strategic deliverance.

And it’s working. In only two short years (the first one spent largely in development), The Exodus Road has supported the rescues of 253 sex slaves through the work of the 53 undercover investigators we support. Representing over 25 organizations, we are proving the model that when we work together, we accomplish so much more. With headquarters in Colorado, we support field offices in four cities in SE Asia and India, and we have given away over 125 pieces of quality covert gear. You can read more about what our community has accomplished in our 2013 Financial Impact Report.

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Why Coalition?

The Exodus Road is not a single investigative organization, but rather it is a network of surveillance teams and individuals, committed to fighting trafficking, one legal court case at a time. Currently, we are working with 53 operatives, representing thirteen different investigative organizations. While our main niche is in intervention work, we do have key aftercare organizations also represented in our coalition. Many of our supported investigators are nationals, former police/security/military, and work as volunteers or with their own organizations. All investigators must adhere to standard operating procedures while on mission, and all must agree to “play nicely in the sandbox” with other investigative organizations. The goal of our coalition is to bring as many people as possible around the table for the sake of the individual victim, and we are finding that it is this spirit of collaboration that is empowering more effective rescue.

Though it is counter-cultural (and sometimes counter-intuitive), we believe in the “un-brand.” We want to empower the smaller organizations, especially those led by nationals, who are already in the trenches doing the gritty work of investigations. Our goal is never to consume these organizations, but rather, it is to launch them forward further still. Because of this, operations that we largely fund may not get officially mentioned in the media. And, we are okay with that.

We are becoming leaders in bringing a strategic process of deliverance to the larger community committed to fighting modern day slavery.

What We Provide.

With on-the-ground accountability in the form of field directors and reporting systems, The Exodus Road primarily funds key deficiencies common for those working in targeted intervention. We supply operational funding for cases, covert surveillance gear, investigator training events, networking support, operative care, and fund advocacy projects (repatriation expenses, aftercare transition, social worker salaries, etc.) We also have developed key programs, like Search and Rescue, where we connect donors with our frontline teams by letting supporters fund one night of investigations for a certain team every month. Through this program and others like it, we consistently engage donors with the realities of fighting sex trafficking, both globally and at home.

By providing funding, gear, and training, we have been able to empower raids like this:

Why We Are Different.

There are many excellent organizations fighting modern day slavery today. It’s important to understand a few of The Exodus Road’s key differentiators:

  • We are a coalition. We believe in fueling the work of many and value collaboration for the sake of victims.
  • We focus on targeted interventions. Our niche is fueling undercover investigations and raids with local police. We believe this is a strategic way to fight trafficking, big-picture. While we do have partnerships with many quality aftercare partners and direct a portion of our funding to both aftercare and prevention, our main focus will always be intervention.
  • We believe “justice is in the hands of the ordinary.” The organization was birthed in humble beginnings and in the wild belief that we all have a role to play in freedom. We still believe that, and we work hard to give everyone a chance to make an impact.
  • We bring donors to the frontlines. Through text updates, covert footage videos, and opportunities to join a literal rescue team, we try to connect our community here with our field teams there. Sometimes raids fail, investigators get discouraged, the police are corrupt– we think donors are mature enough to get the real stories, and we deliver those as much as possible.
  • We value the national. Ultimately believing that nationals are the most equipped to bring change to their own communities, we highly support our national investigators and organizations.
  • We are victim-centered. We keep the girl or boy trapped in sex slavery at the center of what we do, what we fund, and how we implement strategies in the field.
  • When we say “rescue,” we mean RESCUE. Though the term “rescue” is ambiguous, especially in this field, when we use the word “rescue,” we are specifically speaking of a deliverance from a situation of sexual slavery. This can include cases involving restricted movement, trafficking across borders, underage prostitution, debt bondage, or pedophilia. All cases are worked under the authority of the local police.

The two heartbeats of our organization are empowerment and collaboration. 

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Note: For safety reasons, all information regarding specific operations and rescues will be edited. Names and locations will be changed, while maintaining the integrity of the story and investigative work. The Exodus Road is committed to honest, responsible communication regarding the organization, its funding efforts, and the work of its network of investigators.